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Melissa Makers

Visual identity and illustrations made for the festival Melissa Makers 2018.

Melissa Makers Festival - Tramas Urbanas was a festival organized by the brazilian fashion brand Melissa gathering creative people in two cities in Brazil: Curitiba and Salvador. The project was divided into two parts: the first one was online, where creatives shared their processes on Instagram Stories and on Melissa's website. The second was the festival, which had perfomances, talks, workshops and an art fair.

I developed the visual identity concept around the festival's name “Tramas Urbanas” (Urban Threads, loosely translated), and the intention was to show creativity as a way to connect the city.
I created lines inspired by yarns and tessellations to represent connection and creativity and used them in all materials, online and print.

The color palette was inspired by Melissa, and each city where the festival happened had its own predominant color (blue for Curitiba and green for Salvador), which helped to differentiate both events on social media.

Besides the identity I also created a series of illustrations for printed materials and social media, inspired by the creatives, their work,
and tools.
Monday Nov 5 2018